[openstack-dev] [neutron] possible race condition with nova instance and neutron ports

Saverio Proto saverio.proto at switch.ch
Wed Aug 9 12:24:02 UTC 2017


thanks for the tip.
I checked on a compute node, in the nova.conf file I have the following:


both options are in the [DEFAULT] section.
I guess these settings were never changed since we were running Icehouse.

Should I change to the Ocata default values ? (True and 300)

I will try that today.
Thank you


On 09/08/17 09:23, Sławomir Kapłoński wrote:
> Hello,
> Do You have configured in nova-compute: vif_plugging_timeout and vif_plugging_is_fatal options?
> With those options nova should pause VM until port will be set to ACTIVE in Neutron.

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