[openstack-dev] [monasca] PTL candidacy for Queens

witold.bedyk at est.fujitsu.com witold.bedyk at est.fujitsu.com
Wed Aug 9 09:50:30 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

I would like to propose my candidacy for the role of Monasca PTL for Queens

I would like to thank Roland, who has been the PTL for several releases now and
has always pushed the project forward. Your working quota seems to be unlimited,
I reckon you work at sleep as well :) I'm sure that anyone who wants to lead
Monasca will need your support and expertise. Thanks for your commitment.

To my person, I have worked for the project as core member for two years now and
acted as Release Management Liason in Ocata and Pike cycles. I have participated
in my first OpenStack Summit in Tokyo where I forgot the password to the demo
machine during the presentation. Then followed Austin, Barcelona and Boston with
presentations, design sessions, workshops and mid-cycle meetings. During this
time I have met tremendous people, learnt a great deal about Monasca and
OpenStack and had many sleepless nights :)

As PTL, in the next release I would like to focus on following topics:

* easy deployment of Monasca using Docker and Kubernetes
* improve documentation
* search for new scalable time-series database
* strengthen the community and improve active participation and contribution
* metrics aggregation
* alarms correlation
* events processing

I hope to get the support of the entire team and good cooperation in Queens

Best greetings


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