[openstack-dev] [elections] [watcher] Candidacy for Watcher OpenStack PTL (Queens)

Чадин Александр (Alexander Chadin) a.chadin at servionica.ru
Wed Aug 9 07:53:51 UTC 2017


I am announcing my candidacy for Queens PTL role of Watcher project. If you
don't know yet, my name is Alexander Chadin, I'm alexchadin on IRC. I've been
working on Watcher project since March 2016. I served as PTL for Pike cycle
and this cycle was a difficult one. But we have implemented a lot of
blueprints and bug fixes along with general Pike goals.

I'd like to set the following goals for Queens cycle:

* Support baremetal in Watcher.

  We have requests from ZTE to add Ironic-based strategy along with
  baremetal model. It will allow Watcher to manage power of vm-free hosts in
  case of consolidation goals. To do so, we also need to implement "power on"
  and "power off" actions.

* Investigate ability to support containers.

  As you may know, almost all companies which uses VMs are trying to work with
  containers and orchestration services like Kubernates. We could add cold
  migration actions at least Docker or use OpenStack Zun to get access to
  containers backed by different container technologies.

* Bug triaging.

  The functional gate job of Watcher is pretty unstable (2-3 tests fails
  time by time) and should be fixed. Every bug fix (with submitted bug report)
  across our repos should be reviewed as soon as possible.

* Complete HA support for Watcher

  There were some patches that allows Watcher to launch services in parallel.
  All we need is to implement schedule mechanism and make sure we have
  persisted all the things which are using during optimization process.

I'd like to thank our wonderful team for Pike cycle and I hope we will make
it better! Stay tuned.


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