[openstack-dev] [elections][Karbor] PTL candidacy for Queens

Chen Ying chenyingko at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 12:30:31 UTC 2017


I would like to nominate myself to be the Karbor PTL for the Queens release

I began to contribute to Karbor project since 2016.01 and as a core reviewer
in Newton cycle. It is my pleasure to work with the great team to make this
project better and better. We will keep moving and look forward to push Karbor
to the next level.

In Pike, we have done a lot of great works about OpenStack resources protection
in karbor: supported Network resources protection, integrated manila with share
snapshot, integrated cinder with volume snapshot, integrated trove with database
instance backup and restores. More banks: now the local file system and S3 can
be supported as banks in karbor.
Other achievements are: significantly improved docs, removed Heat dependency,
added a new operation log API, implemented OpenStack Client integration,
OperationEngine multi-node deployment and so on.

For the next cycle I'd like to focus on the tasks as follows:
 * API support the checkpoint verification
 * Support quotas
 * Support checkpoint cross AZ´╝îregion copy API
 * Cross-site backup and restore
 * Support freezer protection plugin
 * Support K8S pods protection integration
 * API support micro-version
 * Support OpenStack Ansible deployment
 * Implement policies in code

Thanks for taking the time to read through this roadmap. If you have any ideas
on these points we're always happy to discuss and correct our plans.

We're always happy to get new contributors on the project and always ready
to help people interested in Karbor development get up to speed. I'm excited
to continue contributing to Karbor.

Best Regards,
Chen Ying
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