[openstack-dev] [nova] [docs] Ideal landing page

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon Aug 7 21:07:37 UTC 2017

The integration of all the manual docs, plus all of our native docs
trying to get restructured a bit, has left us with a first order mess
when it comes to our front page (and the Table of Contents in the
sidebar) - https://docs.openstack.org/nova/latest/

I started trying to pull things out of the sidebar TOC by creating some
interior landing pages for Contributors and a Deep Dive Technical
Reference. In staring at what was left on the page for a good hour today
I came up with the following ideal front page outline.


This probably turns into 3 additional patches on topic:bp/doc-migration
* For Users
* For Operators
* Index page smooth over

The original docs spec didn't really separate out users / operators as
target audiences. None of this will involve moving subpages around (so
no additional redirects), it will just be a couple of sections and
landing documents where appropriate.

Please chime in if you have opinions. Otherwise I'm going to start
writing the rest of this tomorrow to try to get it all sorted for RC.


Sean Dague

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