[openstack-dev] [Freezer] PTL candidacy for Queens

Saad Zaher eng.szaher at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 02:18:57 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I'm happy to announce my candidacy to be the Freezer PTL for the Queens

The Freezer developers did a very good job over the past releases and I am
they will continue doing an amazing job over the next release as well.

In the Pike release, we have implemented more than one engine for OpenStack
like (nova, cinder, cinder_OSbrick, rsync...)
In the Queens release we need to set more focus on enhancing these engines
and make it work better and add more features to these engines.
Also for the Queens cycle we need to add more features to freezer-dr to
support more use cases of the disaster recovery scenarios,
In Pike we have change a little bit to allow the addition of more features
in the new relases.

In the Queens cycle, I think we are going to focus on the following items:

* Enhancing core freezer-agent features and continue refactoring the
missing parts
  to allow pluggable architecture to support more engines and applications
in freezer.
  Some refactoring has already been done, also some new engines and storage
  has been added, so we need to keep those engines/drivers well maintained,
enhanced and up to date!

* Completed the move from Elasticsearch to Oslo.db

* Relate the backups, jobs, sessions, resources to tenants not to users.

* Integration tests. We need to increase the work done on testing. This will
  help to stabilize Freezer.

* Documentation. We should target for a split, refactoring and global
  improvement of our docs, which is a required step to increase the size of

* Implement remote backups. Allow the users to use any instance of
  to backup remote resources to any storage driver

* Deprecate CLI. Freezer-agent will accept jobs only through configuration
  files not through CLI.

* Allow the engines/storage drivers to register their own OPTS

I would be honoured to have your support.

Saad Zaher (szaher)
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