[openstack-dev] [oslo][performance] Proposing tail-based sampling in OSProfiler

Rajul Kumar kumar.raju at husky.neu.edu
Thu Aug 3 19:16:56 UTC 2017

Hello everyone

I have added a blueprint on having tail-based sampling as a sampling option
for continuous tracing in OSProfiler. It would be really helpful to have
some thoughts, ideas, comments on this from the community.

Continuous tracing provides a good insight on how various transactions
behave across in a distributed system. Currently, OpenStack doesn't have a
defined solution for continuous tracing. Though, it has OSProfiler that
does generates selective traces, it may not capture the occurrence. Even if
we have OSProfiler running continuously [1], we need to sample the traces
so as to cut down the data generated and still keep the useful info.

Head based sampling can be applied that decides initially whether a trace
should be saved or not. However, it may miss out on some useful traces. I
propose to have tail-based sampling [2] mechanism that makes the decision
at the end of the transaction and tends to keep all the useful traces. This
may require a lot of changes depending on what all type of info is required
and the solution that we pick to implement it [2]. This may not affect the
current working of any of the services on OpenStack as it will be off the
critical path [3].

Please share your thoughts on this and what solution should be preferred in
a broader OpenStack's perspective.
This is a step in the process of having an automated diagnostic solution
for OpenStack cluster.


Rajul Kumar
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