[openstack-dev] [all] review.openstack.org downtime and Gerrit upgrade

Clark Boylan cboylan at sapwetik.org
Thu Aug 3 16:16:06 UTC 2017

On Thu, Aug 3, 2017, at 03:04 AM, Andrey Kurilin wrote:
> hi Clark,
> Do you have any plans to update to 2.14 release which has a new polymer
> based user interface?

We decided to not try and go straight to 2.14 because it requires newer
java and introduces the notedb which is a fairly large change in how
Gerrit stores information. The hope is that by going to 2.13 we can get
an upgrade done more quickly which can then hopefully snowball into an
easier upgrade to 2.14 in the not too distant future.

Once 2.13 is done my goal is to upgrade the database behind Gerrit and
the base operating system which will put us in good position to upgrade
to 2.14. But it is still too early to know how quickly that can all


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