[openstack-dev] [elections][vitrage] Queens PTL candidacy

Afek, Ifat (Nokia - IL/Kfar Sava) ifat.afek at nokia.com
Thu Aug 3 11:45:51 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I would like to announce my candidacy for the Vitrage PTL for the Queens release.

I've been leading the Vitrage project development from the day it started, two
years ago. During this time we have made a tremendous progress, and now we have
a stable, well-known project that is running in production. We have an amazing
group of contributors and a growing community. I'm proud to say that we managed
to achieve most of our goals so far, and I hope we will continue achieving our
goals in Queens release as well.

The Pike cycle has been very productive. We added some important features like
the integration with Mistral, SNMP notifications, enhancements in the evaluator
templates (entity equivalence and 'not' operator), resource query API, and more.

As for the Queens cycle, I think we should focus on the Vitrage productization,
stability and use cases.

- Alarm History. The work on this feature has started in Pike cycle, and should
  be finished in Queens.
- Vitrage notifications. Add a REST API for registering to notifications from Vitrage.
- Integrate with more projects, OpenStack and external. We should enrich our
  topology with more information, so we can provide more meaningful insights on
  the status of the cloud.
- Enhance the Vitrage UI and improve its usability.
- Enrich the evaluator template language (add regular expressions, etc.), and
  support templates CRUD.
- Continue our efforts in the area of Machine Learning. Develop more algorithms
  that will provide insights about alarm correlation and causation.
- Extend the Vitrage community. I'll be happy to see more contributors joining
  our effort.

Looking forward to working with you during the Queens cycle!


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