[openstack-dev] [charms] ptl for queens

James Page james.page at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 3 10:50:12 UTC 2017

Hi All

I would like to announce my candidacy for PTL of the OpenStack Charms
for the Queens development cycle.

We've made some good progress during the Pike cycle in terms of improving
documentation, with a new deployment guide in the works which should make
much easier for new users of the OpenStack Charms going forwards; There is
work todo here and that's something I want to make sure we focus on during
next development cycle.

We also have a number of cleanups that need to be completed; ZeroMQ and
support in the charms are obsolete and not covered by any testing so should
dropped during Queens.  We also need to make the jump to Python 3 by default
across all charms.

I look forward to steering the helm for another cycle!


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