[openstack-dev] [Horizon][Nova] Editing flavor causing instance flavor display error

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Thu Aug 3 10:21:08 UTC 2017

On 08/03/2017 06:13 AM, Zhenyu Zheng wrote:
> I was thinking, the current "edit" in Horizon is delete-and-create, and
> it is there maybe just because
> flavor has many fields, user may want to have a new flavor but just
> modify one of the old flavor, so
> they don't want to manually copy all other fields. And it is the
> automatic delete action that causes
> all the problem. Maybe horizon can provide a copy-and-modify action and
> leave the deletion of
> the flavor to the admin.

For what it is worth, it is already an admin level permission.

I do think that "Copy and Modify" is a better paradigm. Or "New Flavor
based on X" which will prefill based on an existing one.

The Delete flavor button should come with a giant warning of "This will
make a lot of information in your environment confusing, you should
never do this".


Sean Dague

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