[openstack-dev] [elections][security] Candidacy for Security Project PTL (Queens)

Luke Hinds lhinds at redhat.com
Tue Aug 1 15:30:46 UTC 2017

Hello All,

I would like to announce my candidacy for Security Project PTL for

I have been a member of the Security Project for 2-3 years, and a
core member for one year.

During my tenure as core I have managed public and embargoed security
notes and contributed with my feedback to the VMT team on OpenStack

I have also been an active contributor to the security guide as well as a
regular reviewer. I am the current driver for the security guide
launchpad page.

As PTL, I'd like to focus on the following things:

* Documentation

I am currently planning a revamp of the Security guide to bring it up to
date with Pike. To do this I will reach out to other projects to help
validate the information in the guide is technically correct and up to

I also would like to migrate the checklists into a format that can be
easily filtered to a specific release, thereby allowing other security
tools and processes to easily consume the content and gain a snapshot
of what security actions are required to harden any given release.

I also plan to encourage others to get involved, with topics arranged for
the coming PTG on key management.

* Support and championing of OpenStack security projects.

I would like to put forward continued support by means of reviews and
feedback for the projects currently having their home under the
security project, and I have plans to propose further projects. Our
close synergy with the Barbican project should continue to be fostered,
and encouraged.

* Perform Threat Analysis with further projects

The Threat Analysis project has proved very useful in helping the VMT
and operators understand the threat landscape pertinent to each OpenStack
project. I will work with and encourage other projects to undergo threat

* Encourage more contributions and grow some new cores

The security project has lost a good number of core members due to
companies shifting priorities, so I would like increase the projects
exposure with blog posts to planet.openstack.org and by outreach at
various other tech events. I see it as vital to keep the security
project afloat, as operators rely so much on the project for
guidance on securing OpenStack clouds.


Luke Hinds (lhinds)
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