[openstack-dev] [security][barbican] PTG room sharing

Dave McCowan (dmccowan) dmccowan at cisco.com
Tue Aug 1 13:50:40 UTC 2017

Hello Barbican Team,

I believe there were some discussions on room sharing between the security project and barbican team.

We are still keen on this in the security project. How would you like to work out logistics?

Should we share PTG planning etherpads?

We have 4 days between us, not sure if we will need all four, did you have anything in mind here? So far I don't expect the security project will need more then a day at max (if that).

p.s. I am plan to come onto the Barbican irc weekly meeting, if you prefer to sketch out the details there.



Hi Luke--
    We'd be happy to continue of tradition of sharing mid-cycle/PTG meeting time and place.
    Per the schedule, Security has a room reserved Monday and Tuesday; Barbican has a room reserved Wednesday and Thursday.
    Our etherpad is here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/barbican-ptg-queens.

    Anyone with an interest in key management, encryption, or other security topics please feel welcome to join us and add your name and topics to the etherpad.


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