[openstack-dev] [nova][glance] Who needs multiple api_servers?

Eric Fried openstack at fried.cc
Thu Apr 27 21:52:49 UTC 2017


	TL;DR: Does glance ever really need/use multiple endpoint URLs?

	I'm working on bp use-service-catalog-for-endpoints[1], which intends
to deprecate disparate conf options in various groups, and centralize
acquisition of service endpoint URLs.  The idea is to introduce
nova.utils.get_service_url(group) -- note singular 'url'.

	One affected conf option is [glance]api_servers[2], which currently
accepts a *list* of endpoint URLs.  The new API will only ever return *one*.

	Thus, as planned, this blueprint will have the side effect of
deprecating support for multiple glance endpoint URLs in Pike, and
removing said support in Queens.

	Some have asserted that there should only ever be one endpoint URL for
a given service_type/interface combo[3].  I'm fine with that - it
simplifies things quite a bit for the bp impl - but wanted to make sure
there were no loudly-dissenting opinions before we get too far down this


Eric Fried (efried)

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