[openstack-dev] [puppet] Puppet OpenStack PTL non-candidacy

Cody Herriges cody at herriges.org
Fri Sep 9 17:14:02 UTC 2016

On September 9, 2016 at 9:08:56 AM, Emilien Macchi (emilien at redhat.com) wrote:


I wrote a little blog post about the last cycle in PuppetOpenStack:  

I can't describe how much I liked to be PTL during the last 18 months  
and I wouldn't imagine we would be where we are today when I started  
to contribute on this project.  
Working on it is something I really enjoy because we have interactions  
with all OpenStack community and I can't live without it.  

However, I think it's time to pass the PTL torch for Ocata cycle.  
Don't worry, I'll still be around and bother you when CI is broken ;-)  

Again, a big thank you for those who work with me,  

Truly indebted to you for all your great work and progress you've driven forward in OpenStack and Puppet over your many years of participation in both communities. Looking forward to continuing to work with you in any role you choose to take going forward.

Cody Herriges
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