[openstack-dev] [Magnum][Kuryr][Keystone] Securing services in container orchestration

Ton Ngo ton at us.ibm.com
Mon Oct 10 02:57:59 UTC 2016

Hi Keystone team,
      We have a scenario that involves securing services for container and
this has
turned out to be rather difficult to solve, so we would like to bring to
the larger team for
      Examples of this scenario:
1. Kubernetes cluster:
   To support the load balancer and persistent storage features for
containers, Kubernetes
needs to interface with Neutron and Cinder.  This requires the user
credential to establish
a session and request Openstack services.  Currently this is done by
requiring the
user to manually enter the credential in a Kubernetes config file and
restarting some
of the Kubernetes services.
2. Swarm cluster:
   To support the Swarm networking for container, the Kuryr libnetwork
agent needs to
interface with the Kuryr driver, so the agent needs a service credential to
a session with the driver running on some controllers.

The problem is in handling and storing these credential on the user VMs in
the cluster.

   For #1, Magnum deploys the Kubernetes cluster but does not handle the
user credential, so the automation is not complete and the user needs to
some manual steps.  Even this is not desirable since if the cluster is
shared within
a tenant, the user credential can be exposed to other users.  Token does
not work
well since token would expire and the service is required for the life of
the cluster.
   For #2, storing a Kuryr service credential on the user VM is a security
so we are still looking for a solution.

   The Magnum and Kuryr teams have been discussing this topic for some
We would welcome any suggestion.

Ton Ngo,
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