[openstack-dev] profiling - eg neutron-vpn-agent

Kevin Benton kevin at benton.pub
Mon May 23 20:33:11 UTC 2016

I've found that the issue is that if you interrupt with ctrl-C it won't
write the profile. However, sending it a SIGTERM with the 'kill' command
did the trick when I was using cprofile. I think oslo service calls os.exit
right on SIGINT so the profiler doesn't get a chance to write out.
On May 23, 2016 13:23, "Rick Jones" <rick.jones2 at hpe.com> wrote:

> Folks -
> I'm looking for suggestions on how to go about profiling the likes of
> neutron-vpn-agent from Liberty.  I have a simple little test - nothing
> stressful - just create 1000 ports with floating IPs on a single private
> network with a CVR router :)  This seems to put the Liberty
> neutron-vpn-agent in situations where it will spend 100% of its time in
> user space doing something.  As the number of ports increases, so too does
> the length of time in this mode.  It ends up spending tens of minutes
> therein t the exclusion of doing anything else.
> So, I'd like to profile it.  To see what it thinks it is doing.
> I have tried running neutron-vpn-agent "by hand" on the controller hosting
> the vrouter using the "A typical profiling session with python 2.5 loos
> like this" part of
> https://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonSpeed/PerformanceTips#Profiling_Code
> (no, I'm not using Python 2.5, that is simply where web searching has lead
> me from the peanut gallery :) )
> Alas, it seems that ^C'ing it doesn't have the profile written-out.
> So I'm looking for other methods.
> happy benchmarking,
> rick jones
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