[openstack-dev] [tc] supporting Go

Clint Byrum clint at fewbar.com
Sat May 14 17:13:18 UTC 2016

Excerpts from Dieterly, Deklan's message of 2016-05-14 01:18:20 +0000:
> Python 2.x will not be supported for much longer, and let¹s face it,
> Python is easy, but it just does not scale. Nor does Python have the
> performance characteristics that large, distributed systems require. Maybe
> Java could replace Python in OpenStack as the workhorse language.

Which is why we've been pushing toward python 3 for years now. It's
default for python apps in distros now, gates are holding the line at the
unit test level now, so we just need a push toward integration testing
and I truly believe we'll be seeing people use python3 and pypy to run
OpenStack in the next year.

And regarding not scaling: That's precisely what's being discussed,
and it seems like there are plenty of options for pushing python further
that aren't even half explored yet. Meanwhile, if enough people agree,
perhaps go is a good option for those areas where we just can't push
Python further without it already looking like another language anyway.

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