[openstack-dev] [all] cross-project deployment tool meeting

Jesse Pretorius jesse.pretorius at gmail.com
Fri May 6 19:51:48 UTC 2016

On 26 April 2016 at 17:54, Jan Klare <j.klare at cloudbau.de> wrote:

>  i just wanted to follow up on this session (
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-deployment-tools-discussion) were
> we talked about a cross-project meeting for deployment tools. I would love
> to see something like that happen and it would be great if we can find a
> specific date (maybe monthly) to do something like that. If you are
> interested in going to such a meeting, please reply to this mail with a
> suggestion when you could join such a meeting.
> Cheers,
> Jan (OpenStack Chef)

Thanks Jan. I think once per month will be enough.

I'm based in the UK and am reasonably flexible around times, although it is
usually more productive if it can be held during my day rather than my
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