[openstack-dev] [neutron][FWaaS] __init__ arguments issue status

Nate Johnston openstacknate at gmail.com
Thu May 5 21:40:13 UTC 2016

FWaaS team,

After a day of looking at the tests currently failing in the FWaaS repo, I
believe I have the issue narrowed down considerably. First, to restate what
is going on.  If you check out the neutron-fwaas repository and run `tox -e
py27` in it, you will get six errors all in the
Running the py34 tests results in similar problems.  The failures follow
the following form:

Captured traceback:


    Traceback (most recent call last):

line 190, in test_agent_external_gateway

        router = self._create_router()

line 87, in _create_router

        router = varmour_router.vArmourL3NATAgent(HOSTNAME, self.conf)

"neutron_fwaas/services/firewall/agents/varmour/varmour_router.py", line
54, in __init__

        super(vArmourL3NATAgent, self).__init__(host, conf)

      File "/home/njohns002/
line 244, in __init__

        super(L3NATAgent, self).__init__(host=self.conf.host)

      File "/home/njohns002/
line 93, in __init__

        super(AgentMixin, self).__init__(host)

      File "/home/njohns002/
line 30, in __init__

        super(AgentMixin, self).__init__(host)

      File "/home/njohns002/
line 70, in __init__

        super(FWaaSAgentRpcCallbackMixin, self).__init__(host)

      File "/home/njohns002/
line 44, in __init__

        super(Manager, self).__init__(conf)

      File "/home/njohns002/
line 177, in __init__

        super(PeriodicTasks, self).__init__()

    TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)

I pinged the Oslo folks, and they were able to help me look into the issue,
which cleared oslo.service of any role.  The change that introduced this is
actually a neutron change - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/223343/ - and
I could experimentally test for it by doing the following, which checks out
the change before the problem one, "Remove BGP code from neutron".  At that
point `tox -e py27` could complete successfully.

Everything works with the older commit:   cd .tox/py27/src/neutron && git
checkout fe702f8f2af265554c7ff6f464b99562f8c54254 && cd - && tox -e py27
Things break with commit 223343:          cd .tox/py27/src/neutron && git
checkout f31861843d90e013d31fb76fc576b49a35e218aa4  && cd - && tox -e py27

My guess on this is that the reason for the breakage is due to multiple
inheritance and the changing of the ancestry for the L3NATAgent object.  So
the focus of my effort (with Margaret Frances providing crucial insight) is
determining what precisely needs to be fixed or reverted to make this work,
while in keeping with the removal of FWaaS code from Neutron.  I shall
continue to look at this tomorrow, but if anyone wishes to pick up the
torch and figure this out then you should feel free to do so.  If not, I
shall resume tomorrow.


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