[openstack-dev] [glance] [glare] [heat] [tosca] [tacker] [murano] [magnum] [app-catalog] Austin summit summary: Generic cataloging and Glare v1 API

Nikhil Komawar nik.komawar at gmail.com
Mon May 2 23:09:27 UTC 2016

Added a few more tags to the subject line.

On 5/2/16 7:05 PM, Nikhil Komawar wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Just wanted to send a brief summary of the discussions at the summit.
> This list is not holistic however, it covers the relevant aspects that
> various stakeholders need to be aware of.
>   * Glare is useful for different use cases in OpenStack including
>     currently being asked for in Heat, Murano and TOSCA
>   * Heat needs something for usage in Newton
>   * Murano needs the stable API to adapt the changes as they currently
>     use experimental version
>   * Glance team will continue to make progress on this effort and plan
>     to have POC after Newton R-16 [1]
>   * The initial plan is to focus on base artifact (no data asset
>     associated) and then support at least one artifact type
>   * The first artifact can be Murano application catalogs or Heat
>     templates depending on either team's priorities when Glare is ready
>     for consumption
>   * In Newton, we will focus on the adoption of this service in at least
>     the above mentioned two projects and getting the API in good shape
>   * Images compatibility is deferred for now
>   * Glare will be a side-priority for Newton meaning most of the cores
>     are currently not expected to prioritize reviews on it except for
>     those who want to focus on cross project initiatives and those
>     involved in its adoption
> For more information please reach out to me on #openstack-glance, email,
> reply here etc.
> [1] http://releases.openstack.org/newton/schedule.html



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