[openstack-dev] [ptl][requirements] nomination period started

Matthew Thode prometheanfire at gentoo.org
Wed Jul 27 22:42:15 UTC 2016

On 07/27/2016 04:08 PM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> On 2016-07-27 08:41:17 -0500 (-0500), Matthew Thode wrote:
>> We've started a period of self nomination in preparation for the
>> requirements project fully moving into project (as it's still under Doug
>> Hellmann).
>> We are gathering the self nominations here before we vote next week.
>> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/requirements-ptl-newton
>> Nominees should also send an email to the openstack-dev list.
> Have you determined whether your electorate are traditional project
> technical contributors (Gerrit owners of changes merged to the
> openstack/requirements repo over the past year) like most teams use,
> or is there a different focus and constituency for this team?

We have talked about it somewhat, but just assumed it'd be those that
have submitted (and had merge) changes.  Doug's suggestion to include
the current 'wip' core team might be good, I know at least Tony and I
didn't know for sure if we'd be disqualified or not.

The term 'interim' for ptl I think is just because elections are coming
up soon.

-- Matthew Thode (prometheanfire)

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