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Answering a few questions: 
Snip: "Just a little strange for a community-driven open source project to be replacing community-created mascots with top-down designs. I'm not terribly opposed to it, but would have definitely preferred if this had come across as a request instead of a mandate. I think it's cool and unique that the Ironic mascot was designed/drawn by one of our more prolific contributors (Lucas), and we'll lose some of that shine with a less-unique logo.”
This is a request, not a mandate - you’re not required to choose a mascot. :-) We’re alerting you to the design resource that’s now available to you. We’ve done our best to honor community preferences by giving those projects with existing mascots priority to keep them. Because illustration styles vary widely, having a single illustrator allows us to create branding consistency while still keeping the content (mascot) unique to the project and chosen by the project team. We also reached out to PTLs last week to ask for questions/concerns.
I think we could all be easily bribed if the foundation provided copious amounts of stickers to contributors with the new mascot designs on them. :P
There are stickers in the works for sure! And I hope to create some additional awesomeness, depending on budget.

What if a project doesn't come up with a mascot? Does the Foundation pick one for that project?

If you don’t select a mascot, don’t worry—we won’t pick one for you. We’ll be happy to create a text-only treatment of just your project name. Our intent is to use the logos across openstack.org, Summit branding, and other marketing materials to promote your project. You’ll also get the image file and you can use it in your presentations or to create more swag if you like. 

Overall, the response to this has been hugely positive and we have more than half of project PTLs responding so far. More questions are very welcome. 

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