[openstack-dev] [kolla] A new kolla-salt deliverable

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Fri Dec 23 13:34:41 UTC 2016


I was thinking about kolla-salt and our Wednesday team meeting and the declaration you made about how it should be done.  I personally feel it is mandatory we hold a vote of the core review teams to add a new deliverable.  We have voted on the addition of every deliverable we have ever added to kolla including application initially to the big tent.  I’m in favor of the idea of kolla-salt and it would have my +1 vote.  I am not attempting to block the addition.  It’s more a matter of policies we have established over the last several years.  We have also voted to retire deliverables from the Kolla project as well (kolla-mesos and the cli).

This was easier when there was one core review team.  Perhaps a solution to that problem is to make a global core team in gerrit which includes everyone just for policy decisions (such as adding a deliverable).  Another option to count whether consensus was reached is to count the core reviewers in each deliverable, divide by two, and determine if consensus is reached.

If we don’t hold a vote, it looks like a BDFL model that PTLs don’t operate under.  Rather PTLs operate under a service model.


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