[openstack-dev] [ceilometer]Taskflow of removing collector

刘瀚檄 hanxi.liu at easystack.cn
Wed Dec 21 16:31:06 UTC 2016

Hi ceilometer contributors,

I am so excited because this is my first mail on openstack-dev since
I started to read ceilometer code and make contributions to ceilmeter.
So wonderful it is that ceilometer architecture is being updated in
this cycle. One of these changes is we are going to remove collector.
As we all know, a slight move in one part may affect the situation
as a whole. Before that, we have to make many preparations for it.

First, update document refer to collector.

Second, devstack should be configured properly when no collector

Third, I have taken some questions into consideration:
Previous gnocchi configure:

filter_service_activity = False 
archive_policy = low

I want to make sure whether we still need configure in ceilometer.conf
as previous.

Refer to panko:

event_dispatchers = panko 

Where to configure panko dispatcher next? in pipline?
If we remove collector, I'm sure something in panko need to be changed.

Fourth, remove collector code. It will make many tests all of a sudden
failure, so we have change the test suites. At the same time, we should
add some integration tests to confirm these changes won't make the whole
project gets stuck.

I am look forward to your advice and discussing about the whole taskflow
of removing collector. I am always on IRC(nick name: lhx_). Btw, I am
from China. If you think using mail list is inconvinient, feel free to
ping me.

                                   Best regards 
                                     Hanxi Liu

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