[openstack-dev] [tripleo] [puppet] A week in CI

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Sat Dec 17 21:30:39 UTC 2016

This week was outstanding for CI and I found useful to share what
happened in TripleO and Puppet CIs, and where we are now.
- Puppet OpenStack: full green on ocata/newton/mitaka
- TripleO CI: full green except ovb-nonha (introspection is failing)

Detailed version:

Closed issues:

# nodepool slaves failing to boot
The issue has been solved in nodepool but a bug in the centos7 image
with dracut was causing all nodes to fail at boot.
Kudos to infra for their responsiveness as usual.

# postci timeouts on ovb-ha and ovb-updates
We enabled SSL on the undercloud to resolve this problem:
Thanks Ben for helping on this one!

# Undercloud running out of disk space in CI
Kudos to Ben, Sagi, and Derek for your precious time, hopefully we
won't run into this problem again thanks to the improvements we
brought in tripleo-ci.

# rh1 compute nodes not spawning vms correctly
Again, Sagi, Derek and Ben spent time on the infra to cleanup things
and we could spawn VMs again.

# CentOS 7.3 / qemu-kvm 2.6
Fixed in TripleO and Puppet OpenStack, thanks to David and Alfredo (+
Alfredo, your help on Puppet OpenStack CI was outstanding this week!

Bug still in progress:

# CI: nonha jobs fails in introspection
It sounds like Introspection is broken since December 16th, we haven't
investigated much on this one yet. Any help from Mistral / Ironic
folks is highly welcome.
Could it be related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1649350 ?

# Ocata requires additional cellvs2 setup
Alex is still working on this one but we're very close of closing it.
It will help us to promote packages in TripleO CI.

CI status now:
- all jobs in Puppet OpenStack CI should be green and stable now,
please report us any new problem on #puppet-openstack (feel free to
ping me).
- all TripleO scenarios and also OVB HA jobs are green.
- TripleO OVB non-ha is red, because of the introspection problem.
- TripleO OVB jobs for Mitaka are red, not investigated yet (I'll
start on Monday, but feel free to help).

Some links you need to bookmark:

I probably missed some details, but here what we've been working on
this week. Feel free to add more details on the bugs, and give any
Again, I would like to thank all people involved in debugging,
patching and reviewing fixes to unblock CI this week, it was not easy
but we made it as a team!

Enjoy the week-end,
Emilien Macchi

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