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> I agree that meeting notes are crucial to this type of meeting.I just say
> that gerrit PoC/demo is valid form of 'notes' if meeting was about some
> implementional detail, which I assume is the case for this type of meetings.

It really isn't though. It only covers the conclusion. It doesn't explain how that conclusion was reached. By not providing that information, you are hiding the path to that conclusion from the rest of the community that could not participate in the meeting. By saying "the final patchset makes this obvious" you're excluding:

- Users who don't review the code
- Users who won't have time to dig through commit history to find the commit that may or may not have an accurate summary of how that conclusion was reached
- Fellow developers who can't attend the meetings based on time
- Fellow developers who can attend the meetings but can't follow them (for various reasons)

If it's just "some implementation detail" then I really don't understand why it is important enough to need several developers to join a video call. If it was important enough or controversial enough to need a collaboration that significant, it's worth documenting in a form other than the commit itself.

> Do we agree that as hoc hangout meetings are acceptable form of cooperation
> if invitation is own and notes are published?

Well I think we all agree that Google Hangouts aren't acceptable as they exclude residents of an entire nation.

I don't think anyone's against teams using impromptu video calls to help resolve conversations. I think each team needs to listen to its members, though, and respond to their concerns.

Ian Cordasco

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