[openstack-dev] [all][ptls][tc][goals] community goals for Pike

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Thu Dec 15 10:21:31 UTC 2016

Jean-Philippe Evrard wrote:
> Maybe this will sound dumb …
> I received this email on openstack-dev mailing list. I don’t know if it was sent to any other place, because it’s basically agreeing on development to be done, which makes sense to me.
> So openstack-dev people (called further “devs”) will push their company agenda on these goals based on what they know in their company. I see the work done together there, and I find it great, but…
> Wouldn’t that be better if we open this discussion to the general population (openstack users, operators, and devs) instead of just devs?
> I submit this question because what I see on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/community-goals is not only tech debt items that we have to fix, but also ideas of improvement on the long run for our users.
> It makes sense to me to keep the tech debt items as a devs only topic (I don’t see why a user cares _at least at first_ about using oslo.privsep vs oslo.rootwrap), and it makes also sense to me to align “community goals” with the broad community.
> What do you think? Should we remove the non tech-debt items in this dev-community-goals etherpad?
> Should we have another set of community goals that could serve as a basis for the OpenStack user survey?
> Or should we keep these goals merged together, with the risk of having tech-debt items having lower priority the user requirements? (For that, the TC would be a good judge for final cycle prioritization)
> I think having community goals is great for openstack, and I’d be happy to understand how we’ll adapt http://governance.openstack.org/goals/index.html into real life work usable for everyone.
> Thanks for your clarifications.

Hi Jean-Philippe,

Ocata is a bit of a transition cycle due to the event reorg. In future
development cycles, we'll have an OpenStack Summit around the middle of
the cycle, at the time we start thinking about goals for the next cycle.

So for those future cycles, the Summit is where we'll prime the "goals"
pump. The "Forum" at those future summits will be the occasion to
discuss potential future goals, engage with all the community on
requirements and expectations. Then in the next months (before
development starts), those potential goals will be evaluated for
feasibility before we come to the definitive list.

So for Queens, we'll start discussing the future goals in Boston in May
when all the community gets together. For Pike we don't have such a
forum around the time we start thinking about defining goals (i.e. now),
so we are using mailing-list instead. I'm all for extending the
discussion to other mailing-lists, but Queens goals is really when the
goals process will be as inclusive as it's designed to be.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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