[openstack-dev] devstack with neutron, OVS and sfc?

Michael Gale gale.michael at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 23:27:14 UTC 2016


    I used posted this on the openstack user list but it might be a better
question for this group.

Does anyone know if neutron-sfc is working in devstack?

I started to follow the instructions here:

I ended up with a working devstack instance using:
- Ubuntu 16.04
- newton stable branches for devstack and networking-sfc
- I set an environment var to disable OVS recompile since 16.04 comes with
OVS 2.5.0 and the recompil was failing during the build.

I could build VM's, networks and I believe I setup a sfc implementation
correctly (portpairs, portgroups, portclassification, etc). I created a
ServiceVM on the same internal network as my source VM and used an neutron
router to access the outside world. I tried to route all outbound traffic
on port 80 through my ServiceVM.

The issue I ran into was that my ServiceVM would only see the initial
outbound SYN's after that the return traffic and data packets would always
go between the source VM and the external web server only.

>From the different test scenarios I ran, I could always see the initial
outbound SYN packets however it always seems that the neutron router would
route the return packets back via the normal routing rules and ignore my
sfc setup

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