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> OK, I think we had some grave misunderstandings here.
> 1. ad-hoc meetings *are not* and *were never meant to be* replacement
> for weekly meetings. Kolla community is single community across all
> its deliverables and we hold common meetings, chats and mailing list.
> Also, as long as I'm PTL, I'm unwilling to change that.

Unwilling to change holding video meetings that appear to be exclusive to members of your own community? If you're taking exclusionary actions as PTL, that seems like you're actively discouraging community involvement in the subject(s) of those meetings.

> 2. Hangouts were never exclusive purposefully. Meeting link was always
> posted on irc, and nobody were excluded apart from people not present
> on irc at given time.

Intent is not magical. The reality is that people have found them to be exclusive. So regardless of your intent, you need to find a better way to work around the communication problems or to make the results of the meeting more accessible.

> 3. Language barrier is something to acknowledge. I would say if we
> find ourselves in situation where one of hangout users has problem
> communicating, we either move to IRC or try hard to accommodate his or
> hers language barrier. But on few hangouts I was on, that was not the
> case. If somebody didn't join because they were ashamed, please, feel
> free to approach me on private message (or if I'm not around, hangout
> organizer) and let me know. That would be reason enough to stick to
> IRC in my book
> 4. Hangouts were never exclusive to core team. Just happened that core
> reviewers were majority of it - not planned or enforced.
> 5. Only "exclusiveness" I can think of in context of ad hoc meetings
> are that people who aren't around irc cannot have voice on this
> meeting. Simply because they aren't around and meeting was unplanned.
> That's the case with *any* discussion outside of dedicated 1hr every
> week. Granted, irc has logs. Hangouts can have notes, or outcome could
> be reflected as PoC in gerrit for example (which was the case of
> hangout in question..).
> Ian, you mentioned that gerrit as outcome of hangout violates 4 opens...how?

The artifacts of any meeting should include meeting notes. IRC meetings have this autogenerated for us. Even if you send a summary to the mailing list saying

"Steve, Bob, and Michal were all on a call discussing this feature. We were having trouble agreeing between options x, y, and z. After chatting for 20 minutes, we decided on this because of reasons a, b, and c. Review: https://review.openstack.org/:review_id has the final code details. Feel free to ping us on irc or the review with further questions."

Ian Cordasco

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