[openstack-dev] [release][ptl][all] self-service branch management

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Dec 14 14:28:30 UTC 2016

On 2016-12-14 08:51:29 -0500 (-0500), Ian Cordasco wrote:
> I do have one question, will creating the branch's end-of-life
> eventually work the same way? For example, Glance's projects were
> missed in the recent liberty end of life work. Could we submit a
> review to do that work so Josh & Tony don't have to or is that
> something that isn't planned to work through openstack/releases?

The EOL process is still a little different because it relies on
branch deletion, which is not an explicit permission we can delegate
in the version of Gerrit we're running today. There's some
indication that it will be possible in Gerrit 2.14 (not yet
released) and we might even be able to backport that feature to 2.13
(the version to which we're currently working on upgrading). So yes,
there is an expectation we will safely automate EOL'ing but we don't
have an exact timeline for it yet.
Jeremy Stanley

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