[openstack-dev] [ironic] [inspector] RFC: deprecating "set IPMI credentials" feature in ironic-inspector

Mario Villaplana mario.villaplana at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 14:30:55 UTC 2016

Given that this seems to be a special case outside of what
ironic-inspector normally handles, I'd be +1 to removing it.

Perhaps this feature, if needed, is best implemented as a vendor
passthru in ironic itself.


On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 7:40 AM, Dmitry Tantsur <dtantsur at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi folks!
> Since nearly its beginning, ironic-inspector has had a controversial
> feature: we allow a user to request changing IPMI credentials of the node
> after introspection. The new credentials are passed back from inspector to
> the ramdisk, and the ramdisk calls "ipmitool" to set them.
> Now I realize that the feature has quite a few substantial drawbacks:
> 1. It's a special case in ironic-inspector. It's the only thing that runs
> after introspection, and it requires special state machine states and
> actions.
> 2. There is no way to signal errors back from the ramdisk. We can only poll
> the nodes to see if the new credentials match.
> 3. This is the only place where ironic-inspector modifies physical nodes (as
> opposed to modifying the ironic database). This feels like a violation of
> our goal.
> 4. It depends on ipmitool actually being able to update credentials from
> within the node without knowing the current ones. I'm not sure how wildly
> it's supported. I'm pretty sure some hardware does not support it.
> 5. It's not and never will be tested by any CI. It's not possible to test on
> VMs at all.
> 6. Due to its dangerous nature, this feature is hidden behind a
> configuration option, and is disabled by default.
> The upside I see is that it may play nicely with node autodiscovery. I'm not
> sure they work together today, though. We didn't end up using this feature
> in our products, and I don't recall being approached by people using it.
> I suggest deprecating this feature and removing it in Pike. The rough plan
> is as follows:
> I. Ocata:
>  * Deprecate the configuration option enabling this feature.
>  * Create an API version that returns HTTP 400 when this feature is
> requested.
>  * Deprecate the associated arguments in CLI.
>  * Issue a deprecating warning in IPA when this feature is used.
> II. Pike:
>  * Remove the feature from IPA and ironic-inspector.
>  * Remove the feature from CLI.
> Please respond with your comments and/or objects to this thread. I'll soon
> prepare a patch on which you'll also be able to comment.
> Dmitry.
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