[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Re-defining network templates/isolation

Tim Rozet trozet at redhat.com
Mon Dec 12 17:12:30 UTC 2016

I wanted to get thoughts about re-thinking how users configure and create new networks with OOO.  The current way to configure network settings for a deployment requires creating nic + network environment templates, and updating the network isolation resource registry.  I think a better approach could consolidate all of the network settings for a deployment into a single yaml file, and then parse that information to create the appropriate nic and network env templates.  We do that in OPNFV Apex with a combination of python and jinja2 using this unified template format:


Furthermore consider cdefining new networks in OOO.  Think about how much is involved in creating a new network, subnet, port definition + net_ip_map for that network, VIP. If you look at the tht/network directory, almost all of the templates for ports and networks have the exact same format.  I think you could make the example above dynamic so that a user could define any new network there and the corresponding port, network + subnet template files could be created on the fly.

I think this creates a much more simple interface for users by exposing networking configuration they need, but also hiding redundant OOO/heat template syntax they don't necessarily care about.  Thoughts?

Tim Rozet
Red Hat SDN Team

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