[openstack-dev] [Kuryr][Magnum] How stable is kuryr-kubernetes?

Mikhail Fedosin mfedosin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 08:10:27 UTC 2016

Hi folks!

We at Samsung are trying to integrate containers in OpenStack and at this
moment we are looking at Kubernetes deployed by Magnum, which works good
enough for now.

One challenge we have faced recently is making containers able to
communicate with Nova VM instances (in other words we want to integrate
Neutron in Kubernetes) and Kuryr seems to be a right solution (based on its
description). Unfortunately there is a lack of documentation, but from
various presentations on youtube I got that kuryr has been split in two
projects (kuryr-libnetwork for Docker Swarm and kuryr-kubernetes for
Kubernetes respectively, and they both share a common library called
"kuryr"). kuryr-libnetwork continues previous works, which the community
has been implementing for over a year. It looks stable, nevertheless it
doesn't work with the latest Docker 1.12. kuryr-kubernetes is rather new,
and I wonder if it can be already used (at least on devstack), or maybe
some further efforts are required.

Then please enlighten me about current status of Magnum-Kuryr integration.
I saw that this was discussed in Barcelona and Austin, but in Magnum's
master it's still unavailable. Also it will be great if you point at the
responsible person with whom I can discuss it more detailed and see how I
can be involved in the development.

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