[openstack-dev] [gnocchi] influxdb driver gate error

Mehdi Abaakouk sileht at sileht.net
Fri Dec 2 06:49:19 UTC 2016

Le 2016-12-01 23:48, Sam Morrison a écrit :
> Using influxdb v1.1 works fine. anything less than 1.0 I would deem
> unusable for influxdb. So to get this to work we’d need a newer
> version of influxdb installed.

That's work for me.

> Any idea how to do this? I see they push out a custom ceph repo to
> install a newer ceph so I guess we’d need to do something similar
> although influx don’t provide a repo, just a deb.

We do this kind of thing in tooz:


A tarball and setting the PATH is easiest and compatible with more 

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