[openstack-dev] Deprecated fields in upgrade.

Suresh Vinapamula suresh.vin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 22:20:58 UTC 2016


What is the typical protocol/guideline followed in the community to handle
deprecated fields during upgrade procedure?

Should the fields be removed by the user/admin before upgrade is initiated
or would the xxxx-manage db_sync, or migrate_flavor_data etc... or any
other command take care of that seamlessly?

For example, compute_port in compute endpoint url is deprecated and remove
in L version. But, keystone-manage db_sync doesn't seem to take care while
upgrading from kilo and kilo happened to have compute_port in the compute
endpoint url. I see a deprecated warning in juno also, and I didn't go
further down, if it were already taken care in the upgrade procedure.

Is there a typical guideline on who handles deprecated fields during
upgrade procedure? Should it be the user or tool that does the version
upgrade of data?

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