[openstack-dev] migrate_flavor_data doesn't flavor migrate meta data of VMs spawned during upgrade.

Suresh Vinapamula suresh.vin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 19:06:10 UTC 2016


I am upgrading from Juno to Kilo and from that to Liberty.

I understand I need to nova-manage db migrate_flavor_data before upgrading
from Kilo to Liberty to let VMs that were spawned while the system was in
Juno to flavor migrate to Kilo.

Depending on the number of computes, complete upgrade can potentially be
spanned for longer duration, days if not months.

While migrate_flavor_data seem to flavor migrate meta data of the VMs that
were spawned before upgrade procedure, it doesn't seem to flavor migrate
for the VMs that were spawned during the upgrade procedure more
specifically after openstack controller upgrade and before compute upgrade.
Am I missing something here or is it by intention?

Since, the compute upgrade procedure could last for days, would it be
practical to block spawning work load VMs for that long duration?
Otherwise, next upgrade will fail right?

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