[openstack-dev] [vitrage] inspecting external openstack environment

Afek, Ifat (Nokia - IL) ifat.afek at nokia.com
Wed Aug 31 06:27:35 UTC 2016

Hi Yujun,

Using Vitrage for an external openstack environment should be possible, but it has never been tested.

There are some issues to consider:

  *   You should set the ip of the keystone in vitrage.conf, and make sure you can access it
  *   You will need to install, together with Vitrage, many dependent openstack libraries
  *   In order to access Vitrage API, you will either need to install keystone on Vitrage environment, or to configure an endpoint for Vitrage in the existing openstack
  *   For notifications, you need to connect Vitrage to the oslo bus of the existing openstack

BTW, what is the version of this openstack environment?

Best Regards,

From: Yujun Zhang
Reply-To: "OpenStack Development Mailing List (not for usage questions)"
Date: Tuesday, 30 August 2016 at 10:06
To: "OpenStack Development Mailing List (not for usage questions)"
Subject: [openstack-dev] [vitrage] inspecting external openstack environment

My purpose is to inspect an **existing** openstack environment with vitrage.

Do I have to install vitrage on the target environment or it can be done by proper configuration?

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