[openstack-dev] [nova] Next steps for resource providers work

Matt Riedemann mriedem at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Aug 29 19:40:17 UTC 2016

I've been out for a week and not very involved in the resource providers 
work, but after talking about the various changes up in the air at the 
moment a bunch of us thought it would be helpful to lay out next steps 
for the work we want to get done this week.

Keep in mind feature freeze is more or less Thursday 9/1.

Also keep in mind the goal from the midcycle:

"Jay's personal goal for Newton is for the resource tracker to be 
writing inventory and allocation data via the placement API. Get the 
data pumping into the placement API in Newton so we can start using it 
in Ocata."

1. The ResourceTracker work starts here:


That relies on the placement service being in the service catalog and 
will be optional for Newton. There are details to be sorted about 
if/when to retry connecting to the placement service with or without 
requiring a restart of nova-compute, but I don't think those are too hairy.

Jay is working on changes that go on top of that series to push the 
inventory and allocation data from the resource tracker to the placement 

Chris Dent pointed out that there is remaining work to do with the 
allocation objects in the placement API, but those can be worked in 
parallel to the RT work Jay is doing.

2. Chris is going to cleanup the devstack change that adds the placement 


The main issue is there isn't a separate placement database, at least 
not by default, so Chris has to take that into account. In Newton, by 
default, the Nova API DB will be used for the placement service. You can 
optionally configure a separate placement database with the API DB 
schema, but we're not going to test with that as the default in devstack 
in Newton since that's most likely not what deployers would be doing in 
Newton as the placement service is still optional.

3. I'm going to work on a job that runs in the experimental queue and 
enables the placement service. So by default in Newton devstack the 
placement service will not be configured or running. With the 
experimental queue job we can test the Nova changes with and without the 
placement service to make sure we didn't completely screw something up.


If I've left something out please add it here.



Matt Riedemann

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