[openstack-dev] [all][massively distributed][architecture] Coordination between actions/WGs

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 09:38:50 UTC 2016

On 08/25/2016 11:08 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Jay Pipes wrote:
>> [...]
>> How is vCPE a *cloud* use case?
>> From what I understand, the v[E]CPE use case is essentially that Telcos
>> want to have the set-top boxen/routers that are running cable television
>> apps (i.e. AT&T U-verse or Verizon FiOS-like things for US-based
>> customers) and home networking systems (broadband connectivity to a
>> local central office or point of presence, etc) be able run on virtual
>> machines to make deployment and management of new applications easier.
>> Since all those home routers and set-top boxen are essentially just
>> Linux boxes, the infrastructure seems to be there to make this a
>> cost-savings reality for Telcos. [1]
>> The problem is that that isn't remotely a cloud use case. Or at least,
>> it doesn't describe what I think of as cloud.
>> [...]
> My read on that is that they want to build a cloud using the computing
> power in those set-top boxes and be able to distribute workloads to them
> (in an API/cloudy manner). So yes, essentially nova-compute nodes on
> those set-top boxes. It feels like that use case fits your description
> of "cloud", only their datacenter ends up being distributed in their
> customers homes (and conveniently using your own electricity/cooling) ?

That would indeed be interesting, even if far-fetched. [1]

However, I have not heard vCPE described in that way. v[E]CPE is all 
about enabling a different kind of application delivery for Telco 
products/services. Instead of sending the customer new hardware -- or 
installing a giant monolith application with feature toggles all over 
the place -- the Telco delivers to the customer a set-top box that has 
the ability to pull virtual machine images with an application that the 
customer desires.

What vCPE is about is co-opting the term "cloud" to mean changing the 
delivery mechanism for Telco software. [2]

Like you said on April 1st, Thierry, "on the Internet of Things, nobody 
knows you're a fridge".

The problem with vCPE is that it's essentially playing an April Fool's 
joke on the cloud management software industry. "In vCPE, nobody knows 
you're not actually a cloud, but instead you're a $5 whitelabel router 
sitting underneath a pile of sweaters in a closet."


[1] I look forward to the OpenStack Cloud powered by 10 million Apple 
Watches. Actually no, I don't. That sounds like a nightmare to me.

[2] To be perfectly clear, I have nothing against Telcos wanting to 
change their method of software delivery. Go for it! Embrace modern 
delivery mechanisms. But, that ain't cloud and it ain't OpenStack, IMHO.

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