[openstack-dev] [nova] VM console for VMware instances

Radoslav Gerganov rgerganov at vmware.com
Fri Aug 26 08:16:33 UTC 2016

On 25.08.2016 18:25, Andrew Laski wrote:
> Is there a reason this has not been proposed to the Nova project, or
> have I missed that? I looked for a proposal and did not see one.

The main reason I developed this out of tree is that reviewing patches
in Nova takes forever.  For example this patch[1] that propose changes
in this part of the code base has been in review for 2 years.

> I see that there's support in Nova and python-novaclient for this
> feature, but the actual proxy is not in the Nova tree. In situations
> like this, where there's in-tree code to support an out of tree feature,
> we typically deprecate and remove that code unless there's a plan to
> move all of the components into the project. 

I don't think this is the case for console proxies.  The RDP console
proxy is also developed out of tree, in C++[2].  We can't expect that
all vendors will commit their proxy implementations in the Nova tree
for various technical reasons.  In the VMware case, there are no
technical reasons which prevent putting mksproxy in the Nova tree, I
decided to start its development out of tree only because reviewing
patches in Nova takes forever.

> Is there a plan to move this proxy into Nova?

I will propose adding mksproxy in the Nova tree for the next release
and if it is accepted, I will deprecate nova-mksproxy.

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/115483/
[2] https://cloudbase.it/freerdp-html5-proxy-windows/

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