[openstack-dev] [kolla] Kolla configuration files owner and permission

duonghq at vn.fujitsu.com duonghq at vn.fujitsu.com
Tue Aug 23 08:04:19 UTC 2016

Hi S.Dake,

>> Hello Kollish,
>> I am working on bp ansible-specific-task-become so I need community opinion about Kolla configuration files owner and permissions.
>> For files in "/var/lib/kolla", it's quite clear that the owner should be 'root' as currently.
>> For files in "/etc/kolla":  After discussion with S.Dake on IRC, he recommends /etc/kolla is owned by root and all files in it is 660 (writable by a group).
> Just to add a bit of clarity, the rationale for this idea is that a group of operators could add themselves to the kolla group on all of the nodes and use their specific ssh keys to operate OpenStack.  > This is why the group concept in unix was invented 50 odd years ago ;)

I just notice that if the directory has 660, so non-root user cannot access file in this folder. It seems conflict with group purpose.
Should it be 770 for folders?

> Regards
> -steve

Best regards,

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