[openstack-dev] [NOVA] How boot an instance on specific compute with provider-network: physnet1

Leehom Li (feli5) feli5 at cisco.com
Fri Aug 19 16:30:46 UTC 2016

Hi, All

I used to use below command to boot an instance with a specified IP
address to a 
Specified compute node.

nova boot 
--image <image-id> \
--flavor <flavor-id> \
--nic net-id=<network-id>,v4-fixed-ip=<ip addr> \
--availability-zone <AZ>:<host>

May it helps.


On 8/17/16, 11:53 PM, "Géza Gémes" <geza.gemes at ericsson.com> wrote:

>On 08/17/2016 05:38 PM, Rick Jones wrote:
>> On 08/17/2016 08:25 AM, Kelam, Koteswara Rao wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I have two computes
>>> Compute node 1:
>>> 1. physnet3:br-eth0
>>> 2. physnet2: br-eth2
>>> Compute node 2:
>>> 1. physnet3:br-eth0
>>> 2. physnet1:br-eth1
>>> 3. physnet2:br-eth2
>>> When I boot an instance with a network of provider-network physnet1,
>>> nova is scheduling it on compute1 but there is no physnet1 on compute1
>>> and it fails.
>>> Is there any mechanism/way to choose correct compute with correct
>>> provider-network?
>> Well, the --availability-zone option can be given a host name
>> separated from an optional actual availability zone identifier by a
>> colon:
>> nova boot .. --availability-zone :hostname ...
>> But specifying a specific host rather than just an availability zone
>> requires the project to have forced_host (or is it force_host?)
>> capabilities.  You could, perhaps, define the two computes to be
>> separate availability zones to work around that.
>> rick jones
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>Does it help if you boot your VMs, with pre-created neutron ports,
>rather than a neutron network? I think nova is supposed to bind then and
>failing that it shall rescedule the VM (up to the configured re-schedule
>attempts (3 by default)). I think this is an area, where e.g. one of the
>physnet would relate to an SRIOV PF the PciDeviceFilter would be able to
>select the right host from beginning.
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