[openstack-dev] [new][oslo] oslo.db 4.12.0 release (newton)

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Thu Aug 18 18:06:29 UTC 2016

We are glad to announce the release of:

oslo.db 4.12.0: Oslo Database library

This release is part of the newton release series.

With source available at:


With package available at:


Please report issues through launchpad:


For more details, please see below.


Bug Fixes

* Decorator "oslo_db.api.wrap_db_retry" now defaults to 10 retries.
  Previously the number of attempts was 0, and users had to explicitly
  pass "max_retry_interval" value greater than 0 to actually enable
  retries on errors.

Changes in oslo.db 4.11.0..4.12.0

2862b18 Updated from global requirements
89532b3 Link enginefacade to test database provisioning
af27831 Display full reason for backend not available
89bc44d Updated from global requirements
93a0467 Deprecate argument sqlite_db in method set_defaults
73b435f Add test helpers to enginefacade
8e2e97c Add logging_name to enginefacade config
c1735c5 Fix parameters of assertEqual are misplaced
4e4ec2d release notes: mention changes in wrap_db_retry()

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

oslo_db/options.py                                 |   4 +
oslo_db/sqlalchemy/enginefacade.py                 |  90 +++++++++++-
oslo_db/sqlalchemy/provision.py                    | 156 ++++++++++++++++-----
oslo_db/sqlalchemy/test_base.py                    |  21 ++-
.../notes/wrap_db_retry-34c7ff2d82afa3f5.yaml      |   6 +
requirements.txt                                   |   2 +-
19 files changed, 655 insertions(+), 167 deletions(-)

Requirements updates

diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
index 5bfff26..74c885d 100644
--- a/requirements.txt
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -10 +10 @@ oslo.config>=3.14.0 # Apache-2.0
-oslo.context!=2.6.0,>=2.4.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.context>=2.6.0 # Apache-2.0

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