[openstack-dev] [neutron][ovo] Need help to understand the exception of NeutronSyntheticFieldMultipleForeignKeys

taget qiaoliyong at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 03:08:12 UTC 2016

hi neutron ovo hacker:

Recently I am working on neutron OVO blue print, and found there are 
some blocking (slow progress) issues when tring
to add new object to Neutron.

When I try to add Flavor related object on [1], I need to add 2 
foreign_keys to FlavorServiceProfileBinding :

flavor_id: Flavor.id
service_profile_id: ServiceProfile.id

For ServiceProfile and Flavor object, FlavorServiceProfileBinding is a 
synthetic_fields, we refer FlavorServiceProfileBinding in [2],
but in currently object base implementation, we only allow 
synthetic_fields to only have 1 foreignkeys[3].

can anyone help to clarify this? or give some guide on how to overcome 
[1]? If there's anyone who working on to fix it too?

P. S There are other use case for multiple foreign keys [4]

Best Regards,
Eli Qiao (乔立勇), Intel OTC.

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