[openstack-dev] mod_wsgi: what services are people using with it?

Nick Papadonis npapadonis at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 22:27:20 UTC 2016


On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 4:53 PM, Matthew Thode <prometheanfire at gentoo.org>

> On 08/17/2016 03:52 PM, Nick Papadonis wrote:
> > Thanks for the quick response!
> >
> > Glance worked for me in Mitaka.  I had to specify 'chunked transfers'
> > and increase the size limit to 5GB.  I had to pull some of the WSGI
> > source from glance and alter it slightly to call from Apache.
> >
> > I saw that Nova claims mod_wsgi is 'experimental'.  Interested in it's
> > really experimental or folks use it in production.
> >
> > Nick
> ya, cinder is experimental too (at least in my usage) as I'm using
> python3 as well :D  For me it's a case of having to test the packages I
> build.
I converted Cinder to mod_wsgi because from what I recall, I found that SSL
support was removed from the Eventlet server.  Swift endpoint outputs a log
warning that Eventlet SSL is only for testing purposes, which is another
reason why I turned to mod_wsgi for that.

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