[openstack-dev] How do I get devstack with nova-network now?

Yasemin DEMİRAL (BİLGEM BTE) yasemin.demiral at tubitak.gov.tr
Wed Aug 17 05:07:51 UTC 2016


Your local.conf like below code. You should add "disable_service n-net" , you can disable nova-network this comment. 

# Neutron 
# ------- 
disable_service n-net 
enable_service neutron 
enable_service q-svc 
enable_service q-agt 
enable_service q-dhcp 
enable_service q-l3 
enable_service q-meta 
enable_service q-lbaas 


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Konu: [openstack-dev] How do I get devstack with nova-network now? 

My nova-net local.conf isn't working anymore apparently, neutron is 
still getting installed and run rather than nova-network even though I 
have this in my local.conf: 

stack at novanet:~$ cat devstack/local.conf | grep enable_service 
enable_service tempest 
enable_service n-net 
#enable_service q-svc 
#enable_service q-agt 
#enable_service q-dhcp 
#enable_service q-l3 
#enable_service q-meta 
#enable_service q-lbaas 
#enable_service q-lbaasv2 

This guide tells me about the default networking now: 


But doesn't tell me how to get nova-network running instead. 

It's also nearly my bedtime and I'm being lazy, so figured I'd post this 
if for nothing else a heads up that people's local configs for 
nova-network might no longer work with neutron being the default. 



Matt Riedemann 

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