[openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] git repo in infra_repo container not working

Jesse Pretorius Jesse.Pretorius at rackspace.co.uk
Tue Aug 16 15:13:46 UTC 2016

Hi Linhao Lu,

I expect that you might be hitting the fact that fastcgi is no longer available. Instead of using http the git protocol is now being used. See https://github.com/openstack/openstack-ansible-repo_server/commit/c87a8c1d4ca008e03e8dcef4160503b622d1fc1f for details.

Operating from the master branch can be challenging as it’s a moving target. When doing so I would recommend that you always ensure that you update the roles too by executing ‘./script/bootstrap-ansible.sh’ from the integrated repo root. This ensures that all the roles are updated along with the playbooks.

The transport_url issues have been resolved for a few weeks already, so I would recommend just checking out the current head of master.



From: "Lu, Lianhao" <lianhao.lu at intel.com>
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Date: Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 3:51 AM
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Subject: [openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] git repo in infra_repo container not working

Hi guys,

I’m encounter new problems with the OSA SHA master eb3aec7827e78d81469ff4489c28963ee602117c (I use this version because previously the master version cf79d4f6 has problems with the nova transport_url settings which blocks nova-api to be launched), the problem is that the git repo in infra_repo containers not working, which blocks me from going on.

TASK [os_nova : Get package from git] ******************************************
FAILED - RETRYING: TASK: os_nova : Get package from git (4 retries left).
… …
FAILED - RETRYING: TASK: os_nova : Get package from git (1 retries left).
fatal: [infra2_nova_console_container-2e227e79]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "cmd": "/usr/bin/git ls-remote -h refs/heads/54cc41299be
a8cd681ed0262735e0fd821cd774a", "failed": true, "msg": "fatal: repository '' not found", "rc": 128, "stderr": "fatal: repository 'http:
//' not found\n", "stdout": "", "stdout_lines": []}

cmd: /usr/bin/git ls-remote -h refs/heads/54cc41299bea8cd681ed0262735e0fd821cd774a

msg: fatal: repository '' not found

stderr: fatal: repository '' not found

The is my LB ip(which use haproxy). I then “curl -L” and it worked ok.

Then I ssh into one of the infra-repo containers behind  the LB, and find the foloowings:

-          “curl” works, it display the file content under directory /var/www/repo/openstackgit/spice-html5/.

-          “git ls-remote /var/www/repo/openstackgit/spice-html5/” works.

-          “git ls-remote” doesn’t.  It says “fatal: repository '' not found”

Seems the git repo over http is not working. I checked other repos under /var/www/repo/openstackgit/, e.g. ceilometer, neutron, nova, they all have the same problems.

Any suggestions?

-Lianhao Lu

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