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John Dickinson me at not.mn
Thu Aug 11 18:08:38 UTC 2016

On 11 Aug 2016, at 10:03, Andreas Jaeger wrote:

> TL;DR: upper-constraints can be used now for all tox based jobs
> With any software package, you will need additional packages to run it.
> Often, there's a tight coupling: The software package will only run with
> specific other package versions. This dependency information is
> sometimes found in README files, in code, or in package metadata. If you
> install the package, you need to figure out the dependency and
> handle it properly.
> The Python package installer pip uses a list of requirements to install
> dependent Python packages. This list not only contains the name of
> packages but also limits which versions to use, or not to use.
> In OpenStack we handle these dependencies in a global requirements list
> and use it for most of the repositories. During initial testing a
> specific package version is tested but at a later point, another one
> might be used, or during deployment again another one.
> To document what was tested, give guidenance for deployment, and help to
> figure out breakage by upstream projects, the OpenStack requirements
> projects maintains a set of constraints with packages pinned to specific
> package versions that are known to be working.
> These are in the upper-constraints.txt file.
> Devstack already handles upper-constraints.txt when installing packages
> and I'm happy to say that tox, the Python testing framework used in
> OpenStack, can now handle upper-constraints as well everywhere.
> Constraints for tox based jobs
> ==============================
> To use constraints, change in tox.ini the install command to:
> install_command = pip install
> -c{env:UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE:https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/requirements/plain/upper-constraints.txt}
> {opts} {packages}

I've proposed a patch to Swift to do this:


I'd appreciate any advice on it.

> Caveat
> ======
> Note that constraints are used for the installation of each packages, so
> if you want to install a package from source and have constraints for a
> specific version in the constraints file, it will not work. This happens
> with some of  the OpenStack python client packages: When they install
> their dependencies, those might have a dependency on the client package
> itself. And this then will cause an error since the client package
> should get installed from source.
> So, projects need to remove the constraints file for themselves if they
> run into this. Packages like python-novaclient and python-glanceclient
> therefore use a wrapper (tools/tox_install.sh) as
> install command to edit the constraints file first and remove their own
> project from it.
> Also, be aware that this only for those jobs that have been enabled for
> it in the project-config repository. It's done for all the generic tox
> enabled targets and should be done for all custom tox targets as well.
> Some repositories are not using constraints like project-config
> itself, so those jobs are not set up.
> Constraints for DevStack jobs
> =============================
> Devstack-gate takes care using constraints, there is nothing for a
> repository to do to honor constraints.
> Check the devstacklog.txt file, if constraints are in use it will use
> lines like:
> Collecting oslo.context===2.7.0 (from -c
> /opt/stack/new/requirements/upper-constraints.txt (line 204))
> References
> ==========
> http://docs.openstack.org/developer/requirements/
> https://specs.openstack.org/openstack/openstack-specs/specs/requirements-management.html
> Thanks
> ======
> As usual in OpenStack, such work is a team work of many people. I'd like
> to thank especially:
> *Robert Collins 'lifeless': For writing the initial spec, implementation
> work, and giving guideance on many of these details.
> * Sean Dague: He was bold enough to try using constraints everywhere and
> showing us where it failed.
> * Sachi King for making zuul-cloner usable in the post queue. This was a
> missing part in the last months.
> * The OpenStack infra team for many reviews and design discussions -
> especially to Jeremy Stanley and Jim Blair.
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