[openstack-dev] [Cinder] [stable] [all] Changing stable policy for drivers

Luigi Toscano ltoscano at redhat.com
Wed Aug 10 14:56:46 UTC 2016

On Wednesday, 10 August 2016 10:42:41 CEST Ben Swartzlander wrote:
> On 08/10/2016 04:33 AM, Duncan Thomas wrote:
> > So I tried to get into helping with the cinder stable tree for a while,
> > and while I wasn't very successful (lack of time and an inability to
> > convince my employer it should be a priority), one thing I did notice it
> > that much of the breakage seemed to come from outside cinder - many of
> > the libraries we depend on make backwards incompatible changes by
> > accident, for example. Would it be possible to have a long-term-support
> > branch where we pinned the max version of everything for the gate, pips
> > and devtstack? I'd have thought (and I'm very willing to be corrected)
> > that would make the stable gate, well, stable, such that it required far
> > less work to keep it able to run a basic devstack test plus unit tests.
> > 
> > Does that sound at all sane?
> A big source of problems IMO is that tempest doesn't have stable
> branches. We use the master branch of tempest to test stable branches of
> other projects, and tempest regularly adds new features. This guarantees
> instability if you rely on tempest anywhere in your gate (and cinder does).

Orthogonal to the discussion, but: this is not due to the lack of stable 
branch, but that part of the Tempest API are not stable yet. This is being 
addressed right now (in scope for Newton).
Once the Tempest stable API are used, no breakages should happen.


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